Mares Evolution Deluxe 7+5mm märkäpuku

Mares Evolution Deluxe 7+5mm märkäpuku

199,00 €
399,00 €
  • Täysmittainen puku ja shortsipuku
  • 7 ja 5 mm neopreenia
  • Shortsipuku 5mm neopreenia
  • Erittäin pehmeää ja joustavaa neopreenia
  • Trilastic-suojat polvissa
  • Ultra stretch inserts have been applied where needed most.
  • New Neospan is water repelling, super flexible, and has a soft plush internal feel.
  • PK back zip is softer, more flexible and has better seal to greatly reduce water entry through the back zip.

Those who dive frequently and in difficult conditions need products featuring superior quality and consistent performance, time and time again.

Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that lead to concrete benefits: superior reliability and performance will be appreciated by the most experienced demanding divers.


Designing and engineering products for cold water diving requires maximum attention to performance, safety and technical details.

Mares creates equipment specific for cold water and ice diving.

Rigorous tests ensure top notch performance keeping you comfortable, warm and secure.

Even the US Navy has conceded Mares to be the best equipment for extreme conditions.


Comfort is always one of the primary design elements in Mares equipment.

Mares through superior technology continues to research, innovate and upgrade your level of comfort before and during your dive.

Equipment marked with Max Comfort bring this quality of comfort to the most up-to-date premier pinnacle.


Seals at the neck, wrist, and ankles are lined with either electric blue Sapphfire Skin lining or Metal Skin Seal.

This skin tight seal creates a close barrier against your skin minimizing the flow of water through the suit retaining warmth


New technology in super elastic neoprene material.

Neospan is very soft and flexible, utilizing an innovative hydro-repellent characteristic to keep you warm during your dive. It also dries quickly.

The material has a plush like feel for the most deluxe encounter with your skin.


Doffing and donning a wetsuit suit is sometimes difficult. Strategic placement of super elastic panels enhances wetsuit flexibility in critical areas and creates a comfortably close fit.


New neck closure allows you to easily customize how tight you want the neck.

Velcro neck folds in on itself when needed to eliminate snagging of the plush or neoprene.

Back zips with skin on skin zipper seals for superior water seal.


Knee protection made of anti-scratch polyurethane, not only for a sharp look, engineered for high strength and protection without compromising the flexibility.

The linear design moves in line with your body while still guarding this high wear area.

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