Mares Tana maski
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Mares Tana maski

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The Mares Tana Scuba Mask is a low profile, soft skirted, and easy to equalize scuba mask. The Mares Tana dive mask is made of a soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and has a beautiful ergonomic shape to it. The Mares Tana dive mask has reduced the distance of space between the mask and the face for a low profile, yet offers a wide field of vision. There is a system of pockets around the nose that makes the mask skirt more flexible, especially when equalizing.

Mares Tana Scuba Mask Features:

  • Two lens design offers a large field of view without adding bulk
  • Reduced eye-to-lens distance reduces internal volume to decrease buoyancy
  • Hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt comfortably conforms to any shape of face
  • A system of “pockets” around the nose keep the skirt flexible for a stronger seal and better comfort
  • ”Soft Touch” inserts on the frame for easy repositioning of the mask

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