xDeep Ghost wing-liivi
  • xDeep Ghost wing-liivi
  • xDeep Ghost wing-liivi
  • xDeep Ghost wing-liivi

xDeep Ghost wing-liivi

469,00 €
  • Erittäin kevyt wing-järjestelmä 
  • Metalliosat kestävää ja laadukasta Aerospace-grade alumiinia
  • Wingi vahvaa 1100dTEX Cordura® -materiaalia, joka päällystetty TPU-kerroksella
  • 6mm D-renkaat
  • Sulavalinjainen, vähemmän vedenvastusta
  • Säiliön ja wingin korkeus säädettävissä
  • Anatomisesti suunniteltu Nexgen-hihnasto
  • 3D Mesh -pehmusteet
  • Laadukas ja kevyt metallinen Single tank adaptor --> tukeva kiinnitys ja helppo säätää
  • Paino vain 2,3 kg

Complete SCUBA BCD only 2.3kg total weight!
When designing GHOST XDeep faced a difficult task: their aim was to create an extremely lightweight SCUBA BCD without compromising any of the durability or comfort that our users expect. The innovative advanced lightweight and highly resistant materials that we used enabled us to create a system which is far lighter than standard but just as durable.

So streamlined that it virtually disappears under water
Less drag, less effort, less air consumption, longer dives. When diving with a single tank, there is nothing as important as being streamlined. You’re on holiday and need to relax and enjoy! With it’s one layer design and perfect geometry, the GHOST reduces drag to the absolute minimum and let’s you do just that.

Lightweight, but not at any cost: Comfort matters too
An anatomic Next Generation Harness, soft 3D Mesh backplate pads, a refined geometry allowing a perfect trim under water and an extremely high position on the surface – you will appreciate it all while waiting for the boat in choppy seas.

Stop hitting your head against the first stage!
How many times have you hit your head against the first stage during a dive? Many divers lower the tanks down their back in this situation and the wing goes up, but whilst avoiding a headache, it affects trim and leads to a bad diving position.
The GHOST is the only system on the market that allows the adjustment of both the tank and the wing allowing you to enjoy a comfortable dive regardless of your height. Adjusting the tank and wing allows you to perfect your trim leaving you free to relax and look around.

Easier to get on and off. Perfect adjustment.
The shoulder straps on our Next Generation Harness make it far easier to get on and off that a standard harness and far easier to adjust. When the waist strap is unbuckled, the shoulder straps loosen which allows you to easily get in or out of the harness. When you fasten the waist strap, the shoulder straps to your body and the harness fits perfectly.

Perfect trim under water. As good as any tech diver manages.
Have you ever wondered why experienced technical divers use wings rather than BCDs? The answer is simple: the horizontal position is more comfortable, safer and reduces the drag. The wing provides a better trim under water than a old jacket-style BCD. Although GHOST is a recreational system, we have been working on improving its geometry for two years. It was all about you to be able to have a perfect horizontal trim in an easy way.

Completely redesigned inflator connection
The shape of a classical elbow prevents it being used in the optimal place. Where old technology creates a barrier, we like to think out of the box and so we designed a completely new one. Our new, unique solution is a specific shape that allows us to put it in the exact middle of the wing without any interference with a cylinder. This revolutionary adaptor ensures a better working inflator. The Wing deflates more easily and the wing is inflated more proportionally and precisely – this results in precise buoyancy control.

Tank adaptor with easy camband adjustment
Nobody likes it when their tank is rolling around on their back. Unfortunately, plastic or rubber single tank adaptors integrated into the wing do not guarantee full stability. Therefore, we equipped GHOST with a very lightweight metal adaptor. You might ask if there wasn’t something that could be improved in such a simple part. Our answer: Of course there is! Thanks to its innovative design you can easily and rapidly adjust our cambands when the buckle is opened.

Unique 3D Mesh lining
The GHOST is equipped with an excellent backplate pads made of unique 3D Mesh material. In contrast to neoprene, 3D Mesh has a neutral buoyancy and is not compressed by pressure. Unlike with neoprene or foam pads, your comfort will not be reduced with depth

New shape. Dead zones reduced by 90%
We have reduced the dead zones to the absolute minimum in the GHOST wing, which results in great buoyancy and a very compact external shape.

What does it mean to the user?
Being a compact wing, in water resistance is much lower, yet the GHOST offers over 17 l of buoyancy! When you are on the surface, the whole wing remains underwater so that every litre of that capacity is working to maintain your high position in the water and keep your head above the waves.

Two-part weight pockets. Choose the exact size you need.

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